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Homozygous dominate BLACK SILVER DAPPLE "chocolate"    Registration # 07-93915

Missouri Rambler  X Black Cloud C

We really did not need another stallion at Heavens Gait but when I saw Dove at the Select Breeders in 2009...DNA chocolate in color and gait/foundation structure plus very sweet temperament...he was an answer to my prayers!!   

A stallion that shall put color which trail riders like on my WGC bred red broodmares....Perfect for my mission here at Heavens Gait.

"Dove" will only product black or silver dapple on red mares...unless they have an agouti gene hence you may end up with bay or silver bay.

I use to believe "there is no such thing as a bad color for a good horse"...and I still do but the folks in my part of the country like color so we are looking forward to producing some nice sweet, sane, smooth horses...eastern foxtrotter...if you will....

Wish to thank Traci and Mike Brown of Providence Farm for allowing us to acquire Dove and bring him east to breed to our wonderful Red Foxtrotter Mares.

**Update on Dove's performance.
We felt Dove was a special boy when we purchased him...beyond a fabulous color.  Dove has turned out to be the most VERSATILE MFT at Heavens Gait.  First we have to convince folks that see him that he is NOT A ROCKIE and then we have to convince them he is a STALLION.   So quiet...can breed mares every day and work every day without a skip in his gentle demeanor.  Dove posesses a breath taking flatfoot walk, consistent foxtrot and gorgeous canter with all that hair flying in the air....he even loves to rack on the trail.  That is my kind of trail horse! 

Performance wise he is undefeated in MODEL, has won many blue ribbons in pleasure classes and now hitting the versatility arena...and he does not turn 6 until June 2013.  Ross states that Dove shall do anything he will ask him to athletic and agile. ...can ride him on trails of the Greenway all day long and there is no obstacle that he will not conquer.

Ross Harper has done a wonderful job connecting with Dove...they are a team!  Ross told me that,"in a trainers life you get to ride one, perhaps 2 great horses in your life...Dove is that MFT."

Icing on the cake is that Dove is passing his intelligence, calm, sweet demeanor on to his foals!  We have been blessed with 2 big, black, lots of mane and tail foals that everyone absolutely loves.  To know that Dove is passing on all those fine qualities has made his stock go up.


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