Our Foals


Bay Silver Dapple colt
(Sired by Chocolatier and out of Sun Dust Lady Jane)

Black Silver Dapple stud colt

(Sired by Chocolatier and out of WGC Casseys MO Star)

Black Silver Dapple filly

Congrats to Jayme Conklin on this beautiful black silver dapple filly out of Nell and sired by Dove
Scarlet's Lady GaGa is on the left
(Prince Jesters Ridin Gold X The Scarlet Lady)

JAG's Belle of the Ball is on the right
(Prince Jesters Ridin Gold X Blizzard's Southern Belle)
The buckskin filly is for sale.
Scarlet's Lady GaGa ..aka GiGi
Wow, just what Ross ordered; a filly out of multi-WGC producing 'The Scarlet Lady' and
Sired by multi times Prince Jesters Ridin Gold.  Perhaps the best foal we have
produced, loaded with natural gait and rhythm, conformation and a sweet disposition.
NBC Eligible.  Ross says I have to keep her as her dam, The Scarlet Lady is 20 years old.
  Finely Dun  (pending)

This shall be the LAST horse I buy!   I did not need another horse however when our prayers were answered to have a Grulla filly that is a maternal sister to Dove...who could not buy her.   "Peggy" reminds me of Dove in so many ways...conformational exquisite, gaited from day one, sweet as they can be and GORGEOUS.   We do not breed for color but when you can have the quality of MFT in gait, deposition and versatility...why not have grulla, chocolate, buckskin, black and red.

Wish to thank the Thomlinsons of Willow Springs, MO for letting us have this  "Gus" filly. 


Creme Curly Filly

Creme Curly Filly out of Blizzard's Southern Belle, sired by Ann Quinn's Buckskin curly stallion


Jags Tennessee Traveler

Sired by Prince Jesters Ridin Gold and out of Sun Dust Lady Jane

 At 6 months of age "Red" mirrors his pedigree....MISSOURI TRAVELER E 8 times in his 4 generation pedigree.  Sired by Multititled PRINCE JESTERS RIDING GOLD and out of the mulititled producing mare Sun Dust Lady Jane.   This very personable stud colt is the spitting image of his sire.  Has gaited naturally from birth.  Perhaps the most loving stud colt we have raised. Shall be Liver Chestnut like his sire.  If you are looking for an ideal breeding stud you cannot find a better bred colt that Red.

Price $2500

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  by Heavens Gait Farm