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Prince Jester's Ridin Gold

Prince Jester's Ridin Gold, "Jaguar", sired by 3 time World Grand Champion Prince Jester.

Multi-titled chocolate with silver tail.
Naturally Gaited
Sweet Disposition

Let it be known that I never imagined to be possessing a breeding stallion but when Jaguar came into my life....I had no choice...thanks to the encouragement of friends in the fox trotter breed.

It all started back in 2006...I believe...after having gone through cancer treatment..! joined some friends back on the MFT show circuit in Florida...the show was Jacksonville. I was just there to groom for a dear friend and I witnessed one of the most breathtaking sights I had ever seen in the equine world... This talented young man riding this very drop dead gorgeous chocolate stallion with a natural platinum rooster tail... The horse had the movement that I had never witnessed...absolute rhythm from tip of the nose to his rooster tail...just shaking and reaching around the arena. I thought at that moment what a blessing that would be to ride...not even mention own such a gift from God.

In the short course of about one year I was in position for this magnificent creature and I to cross paths again...I am truly blessed to have PRINCE JESTER'S RIDIN GOLD at HEAVENS GAIT FARM.

Jaguar is out of the great sire WGC PRINCE JESTER who in my opinion puts great beauty, gait and peaceful temperaments on his offspring. THANK YOU PRINCE JESTER. Three of four of Jags grandsires is MISSOURI TRAVELER E...what more can you say.

Jaguar has traveled widely showing what he does most...but what is BEST about Jaguar is his peaceful spirit. God given talent and physical beauty. He is pretty much retired now in the Big South Fork of TN...riding the hundreds of miles of trails with me and watching over his band of few select mares.

Jag's first foal crop are turning 2 and the reviews have been very positive...good gaited, pretty and it seems he is consistently passing on his strong genetic pool.

To follow are just a few of Jaguar's performance accomplishments....but to me the performance ring is just a small part of what a horse partner should be...Jaguar is the total, trail, sire, easy and efficient breeder... sweet, respectful of the persons that love and care for him.

2005 National Breeders Cup 3 Year Old Open Champion Reserve
2005 Show and Celebration Ladies 3 Year Old World Champion Reserve.
2006 Show and Celebration 4 Year Old S&G World Champion Reserve
2006 Florida Gaited Classic Open S&G Class Champion
2007 $100,000 National Breeders Cup Senior Open Champion Reserve
2007 Southern Comfort Fall Classic Open Grand Champion
2008 North American Pleasure Gaited Horse Championships Champion Reserve (FOSH)
2009 Florida FTA Southern Spectacular Open 3 Gaited Grand Champion Reserve

National Association of Breeders nominated stallion.

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