In Memory

Dove's Shadow of Suzi

2012 to 2013

"A young lady in Heaven must have needed a beautiful filly...she surely got one.

Suzi was the best of Dove..strong beautiful and talented.

We shall miss this young Star for a very long time."
Silver Jubilee

1995 to 2013

"My first ride sold me on the breed!

Jubilee was the perfect equine companion..awesome gaited...beautiful..loving personality....
No horse shall fill the hole the loss of Jub left in my heart.

"Wait for me Jubilee at the rainbow bridge... we shall ride again"..tears..
Jag's Memphis Star

April 30 - May 21, 2011
"Such a perfect representation of her breeding"
"We are still sad at the loss of this fine filly"
Denzel Narrative

1978 - 2008 is still difficult to speak about the passing of this horse...this is the horse that got me back in the saddle back in 1995 after many years out of the saddle (boating, golfing...) after cervical spine injury...could not ride.  This is a true Cracker Quarter Horse that worked cattle on the High Hat Ranch in Sarastoa County Florida...I took him and turned into a semi Dressage/Trail horse...great with the flying lead changes!  This 'old man' ruled the farm and me until I could see in his eye that he was not enjoying life now he is in 'greener pastures' where we shall meet again some day.

May May

1994 - 2008


May May...Computer daytime nurse...I miss this kitty!


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